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Being one of the best internet academy and institute with extensive experience playing a vital role in teaching Recitation, Tajweed, Memorization, Translation to the people of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Greece and of many other countries. Offering many basic and advanced level Islamic courses for kids, adults male and female by focusing on quality education. We continuously hire qualified staff to deliver the maximum level of services.
We have taught hundreds of families and a number of students are joining us on daily basis. Its a great opportunity for those who have a desire to study religion Islaam and Holy Qura'an by using modern technology considering the comfort factors. Our aim is to teach new Muslim kids about the religion, so that we serve around the globe. Get your free 30 to 60 minutes individual interactive classes in those days and time which suit you more, on any internet device. Here, all the teachers are graduate from recognized universities, delivering their all lecture sessions with pure intentions and maximum efforts.

Learn Quran Online via Skype

One to one interactive reading to suit every individual student in the home convenience, teaching in English Arabic and Urdu

Dedicatedly one tutor give a lesson to one kid at a time by dividing it in two sections, the major time is for recitation and small portion is left for guidance of prayer and other basics of Islaam e.g. daily supplications, monotheism (Oneness of God Almighty), Prophethood and sunnat. Children come online on Skype at the fixed time of their classes because we have made this process very exciting for them by paying individual attention and much careful for students progress. Male and female tutors are available to serve you in the best wasy and you also have a choice to select the teaching personnel.

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