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Online Quran Classes Testimonials

I suggest everyone to get this website's Qura'an tutoring, as I joined this academy years ago for my children and found all the tutors available here very punctual in taking lessons as well as much experienced to teach non-arab kids their proper recitation of the Holy book. These scholars also offering Tajweed, Memorization and Translation course which is a good chance for us to provide our children beginner to high level Islamic studies; which is obligatory for them for their perfection and strengthen them in the religion.
Sister Aqsa, USA

I saw this website and joined them for my 5 years old son's learning, in the beginning I didn't have any idea whether it'll work for him or not ! But, got good results after taking a start and saw fast progresss in the reading of my child. These guys are very committed and deserve much appreciations. It was very tough job for me to travel and approach nearest mosque for my kid's Islaamic education, but this online academy gave me a great opportunity, its time saving and cost effective service. I want to say thank you all !
Brother Khalid, Canada

Assalam u Alaikum, I admit about the doubts which I had in the start but after taking few lessons, all that which I want to say you are really doing a great job and me and my family is very happy. Thank you so much for providing our kids the knowledge of the religion. Its our recommendation for others to join this website and get free trials. By giving demo sessions of best online Quraan lessons free, absolutely these tutors will prove their good credibility to increase their family of those students who want to be the part of it.
Dr. Zubair Ahmad Bukhari, UK

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