Online Quran Reading Institute

All the tutors are certified to teach kids and adults, begin now this fabulous path to help your family in getting proper knowledge of Holy Quraan. Its a great opportunity for those Muslims who are living where they can’t find easily an Islamic tutor for their kids. Now, by staying at home your child can get their Quranic lessons in an interactive way, while you'll easily monitor them during their online classes with our tutors. Offered courses are given below !

Quran Reading

Learn Quran Online

Learn from basic level as its much important to get skills related to the recitatioon including by applying rules, which enables you to read Holy Qura'an with fluency.

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Learn Quran Online at Home

It is most important factor for the correct recitations as without knowing proper rules of Tajweed you do many mistakes . Train yourself with the help of your online teacher.

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Learn Quran Online via Skype

After completion of recitation you can memorize small chapters or full Holy Qura'an. We provide brief outlines and techniques to fulfill your this goal and helping out our students.

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Learning Quran Online

Its much rcommended to study word to word meanings of the Holy Book with complete understandings of religion Islam as it guides us in all the matters of our daily routine life.

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Online Quran Reading Academy

Experienced and educated male and female teaching faculty available on daily basis for learners of all over the world

Hafiz-e-Qur'an and highly trained tutors team teaching hundreds of students of different age group from 4 years to 65 years old. People are getting enrolled and taking their regular lessons from our academy, and faculty also get special training to handle the kids by Keeping in mind all the necessities of every individual student with their levels of understandings. Registration process is very simple and straightforward, just required your two minutes to start studying with us in the safe online learning environment in your own spoken language. Let's take a start to learn Holy Qura'an online with a click !

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