Online Quran Teaching Fee

Progressive fee schedule for our students with first 3 days free demo classes which you'll get individually. Below mentioned cost is implemented on monthly basis with your satisfaction after finishing of trial period. To fulfill this big task of responsibility, we hire full time best tutors on the basis of their educational and moral backgrounds to make sure they can deliver lectures in very professional way. Choose given a package plan which suits you best !

  • USD 20 / Month
  • 02 Classes / Week
  • Any 2 Days Per Week
  • 30 Minutes Each Class
  • 08 Classes / Month
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  • USD 30 / Month
  • 03 Classes / Week
  • Any 3 Days Per Week
  • 30 Minutes Each Class
  • 12 Classes / Month
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  • USD 50 / Month
  • 05 Classes / Week
  • Any 5 Days Per Week
  • 30 Minutes Each Class
  • 20 Classes / Month
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Online Quran Teaching Worldwide

Qualified and fully trained tutors delivering prominent education with individual attention on every child for the fast progress.

Result oriented programs and packages make you and children perfect in the recitation of Holy Quraan with proper rules of Tajweed. Globally providing tutoring services with first 3 trial sessions totally free. Reasonable monthly fee packages and suitable plans for your convenience. Both male and female teachers available, purely religious and 100% secure environment. A single instructor gives lessons to one student thus ensuring more attaention for better learning. Its a chance to fulfill your Islamic duties by providing basic Islamic education to your childredn with the recitation of Allaah's Book.

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