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Respected name among parents who want to teach their children about basics of the religion Islam and recitation of Holy Qur'aan. Educating in three languages English, Arabic and Urdu according to your requirements and needs, our students belong to different countries and language background. Qualified scholars providing one to one sessions worldwide from this web platform in your home convenience with a comfortable environment.

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Islam is a true guidance, happiness and a complete code of life which guides us to the righteous path. Allah Almighty revealed His ultimate guidance more than 1400 years ago which still preserved in it's original form. Now, Its our religious duty to encourage children and provide them an environment for their education. We claim to offer best internet sessions and training with proper rules of Tajweed. Our intentions are to serve the religion Islaam and help our brothers and sisters who are living in non Muslim countries. Due to the reason we have launched this website of e-teaching academy for those who want to get this great blessings of Holy Quraan studies. Offering trial lessons via Skype before starting it on regular basis for your complete satisfaction. Get demo class for any course which you want to start, for recitation's as well as offering free online memorization classes.

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